Forged Original Vodka


Clean and crisp, Forged Original Vodka is distilled right here in Yorkshire using single estate Yorkshire winter wheat.

Over a year in the making, this has been a real labour of love for Gary who drives to the farm in South Yorkshire to select the wheat. The wheat is returned to the distillery where it is milled before being fermented and distilled.

The first distillation is through Katherine to collect the bulk alcohol, this is called the stripping run to collect the low wines.

The low wines are then carefully distilled through Georgina our 20 plate 3.8m high vodka still.

Only the hearts are retained, then watered down with pure Yorkshire water.

The final stage is carbon filtration to polish the final spirit.

The luxurious mouthfeel is refreshing and contains light citrus and caramel notes that are expected of a vodka born of wheat. The finish is smooth with notes of baked bread, honey and caramel. This is not your normal vodka, this is Forged Original Vodka!

Enjoy neat over ice or long with your favourite mixer.

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