We have been working on this for quite some time. We ferment the molasses onsite at Forged Spirits before distilling using our proprietary method. There are very few who do this in the UK, perhaps as few as 30. Expect the usual Forged flavour experience. Forged White Rum is bursting with butterscotch and molasses tones, don’t expect “big alcohol” subtlety, this drinks like an aged rum, perfect for your mojito or favorite mixer. Next up is Forged Dark Spiced Rum! No colour is added, just our natural secret rum “essence” that is a byproduct of our fermentation and distillation process that adds the colour and background flavours, this is complemented perfectly with our secret spice mix.. we’ve blind taste tested it extensively with market leading dark spiced rums and it wipes the floor with them. Our Rum journey continues as we start to lay down liquid in oak casks for our Golden Rum’s.