I have the amazing team at Rhubarb Design house working on the design for a label for a sloe gin, but I need berries!

If you have a bush and are willing to part with your precious fruit I would love to do a swap, for every 1kg of fruit I will credit your points account on forgedspirits.com with £2.50 worth of discount vouchers. Or provide you a discount code.

This will of course only work for local people where we can collect. Or if you can ship to me frozen!

I am also looking for help identifying Sloe berry hotspots, so if you are an avid forager or have seen a few bushes whilst walking your dog, and are willing to give up your secret location please do drop me an email.

The gin will hopefully be on sale toward October time, If I can find the berries.

thanks so much, Gary and team Forged.