Last year Forged Spirits began some very exciting discussions about a partnership with a well-known company. From there, these discussions snowballed into one of our most ambitious projects to date. One that required us to travel to the capital!

Our journey took us to the Groversner Square Hotel, where Rolls Royce were hosting a celebration for the Queens Platinum Jubilee. This memorable day was a chance for us to make advantageous business connections whilst also enjoying the complimentary canapes and champagne. Gary was particularly happy when he had the chance to view some of the beautiful cars that were on display! 

But that’s not the only interesting development of late. Forged Spirits’ new bottle has been shortlisted for the Glass Focus Awards shortlist. The awarding body aims to look for “evidence of entrants combining skills, know-how and creativity to get the best from glass” taking into account “information about the design process and choice of glass” and “why the end-product is noteworthy.” We are so honoured to be considered for this award, especially after all the time and effort our team and Stolezle Flaconnage Ltd have dedicated to making our dream design a reality.