our story


Like most of the good things in life, the spark to give life to an Organic Gin was born from a woman, with a little help from a man.

Victoria and Gary had long dreamt of abandoning their dreary day jobs to create the perfect Yorkshire tipple, but the challenges that lay ahead of them seemed insurmountable.

After wrestling for a full year with the seemingly endless bureaucracy dreamt up by the Government, whilst at the same time learning the centuries old art of making Gin, Victoria and Gary finally blessed organic alcohol with botanicals from every corner of the globe in January 2019.

They still worked those dreary jobs and continue the battle with bureaucracy, but they wouldn’t change a single thing! Every setback (Gary’s near fatal accident) has been met with tenacity, every success (securing organic certification) a welcome relief.

Whilst the big brands continue their faceless media assault on your phone and TV, Victoria and Gary work hard to stick to their core values of making the best gin they can for you, each bottle made with care and love.

Go with them on their journey and enjoy a drink of pure bliss at the same time. So, what comes next?

forged spirits

Gary and Victoria have rebranded the company to pave the way for big changes. Their custom bottle became available to buy in January 2022. The next big project was the distillery move to Tile Yard North at the Rutland Mills site and the opening of a bar adjoining the distillery. They have also commissioned a 300 litre purpose built still that will ensure their continue growth and expansion plans can be met. To round of the changes, Forged Spirits have expanded the range to include Vodka and now Rum.

Thanks to everyone for your support in the past four years! they couldn’t have got where they are without you. Below is the custom artwork developed for us that forms part of the label of the new bottles. We hope you enjoy learning all about the meaning behind the artwork. Victoria now runs the Distillery Bar and Gary heads up the distillery.


The story behind our branding and label artwork is all about the celebration of our home, Wakefield and the wider Yorkshire region. Wakefield is prized for its forced rhubarb, the rich history in mining, textiles and manufacturing. We draw upon these elements in our branding artwork that can be seen on our bottle labels and most of our other branded items. The coal mined in Wakefield fired the Forges in Sheffield that drove the regions industry forward. Our branding echoes this heavily as you can see in the depiction below.