We all love gin right, but when we are feeling particularly fancy we love to treat ourselves to a Cocktail. Sometimes those Cocktails are just too difficult to create though, so we teamed up with a local mixologist to create the Forged Spirits Cocktail menu for you. These Cocktails are very easy to make, no mountain herbs, or other impossible to find ingredients are required and no liquid nitrogen either. All you need is a cocktail shaker, strainer and ingredients you can find in any supermarket – and of course your favourite Forged Spirits.

So go on and treat yourself to one of our specially created Cocktails. There are some classics cocktails with a twist and others that are uniquely inspired. Just be sure to post the results and tag us.

pink Dream


Clap the mint leaves then place into the glass. Pour all ingredients into the glass and fill with crushed ice. Stir well with and top up with more crushed ice. Garnish with mint and strawberries and serve.



50ml Pink Gin

50ml Apple Juice

25ml Strawberry Puree

50ml Sugar syrup

12.5ml Vanilla Syrup

Small palm full of mint leaves




Add a little pizzazz to any day! This delightful combination balances sweetness with lime puree.

Shake all of the above (except lemonade) single strain over crushed ice into a copa glass. Then top with lemonade and garnish with strawberry and pineapple leaf or pineapple wedge.



50ml Rhubarb Vodka

50ml Pineapple Juice

25ml Sugar syrup

25ml lime puree

25ml strawberry puree

Dash of lemonade


Who said cocktails need to be serious? This fusion is sure to become your new cherry delight.

Shake all ingredients then double strain into coupe glass, Garnish with strawberry or lime or both.



50ml Cherry Vodka

50ml Raspberry puree

5ml Strawberry puree

5ml Lime puree

25ml Sugar syrup

25ml Orange juice


This gin-kissed blackberry beauty of a cocktail is the perfect start to any evening.

Shake all ingredients then single strain into small crystal tumbler. Pour Creme de mure into the centre and garnish with blueberries or blackberries 



50ml The Original Gin

25ml Crème de mûre (Blackberry Liqueur, optionally cherry liqueur)

25ml Sugar syrup

25ml Lime puree


This lemony sweet and sour tropical delight will bring sunshine to any rainy day. 

Shake all of the ingredients (except bubblegum) well to form a head then single strain into coupe glass. Drizzle with a little bubblegum monin in the centre.

Garnish with pineapple wedge + leaf



50ml Sherbet Lemon Gin

25ml Lemon Puree

25ml sugar syrup

50ml Pineapple juice

Drizzle of bubblegum monin



We have glammed up and taken this cocktail to the next level.

Shake all of the ingredients (except grenadine) and single strain over crushed ice in “cin cin” glass. Then drizzle grenadine around the edge of the glass. Garnish with orange wheel.



50ml Passion Fruit Gin

12.5ml Lemon puree

25ml sugar syrup

25ml pineapple juice

50ml orange juice

25ml cranberry juice

Drizzle of grenadin