And so it begins!

We have taken delivery of 1.3 tones of Grade A Distillers molasses to being our journey into rum.

This is fermented, distilled and aged onsite.

The distillery and bar have been smelling like bonfire toffee for the past week or so whilst the molasses slowly gets converted to alcohol by the hungry yeast.

The first fermentation and distillation both went extremely well! we have another 550 litres fermenting away nicely and another 750 set for the next batch.

First to market will likely be our white rum, perfect for crafting your mojito and our dark spiced rum.

The golden and golden spiced will spend some time on oak before being ready. Ex first-fill american white oak bourbon casks to be exact. Some of that should be ready after a few months, some will remain cask for a few years.

Let’s see how it goes!!

Keep watching our socials for updates.