You may, or may not know that we are opening a bar and expanding the distillery. Our new forever home will be at Tileyard North!

Standing next to the award-winning Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield is a collection of once derelict mill buildings that date back to 1872. Enter Paul Kempe of City and Provincial Properties, one of Tileyard London’s founders who (when visiting the Hepworth) was intrigued by the then run-down buildings that stand next door to the gallery – “they are potentially phenomenal but essentially dilapidated”. Between his first sight of the complex, also known as ‘Rutland Mills’, and now, Paul Kempe has been inspired to expand Europe’s largest creative community to the site which has been disused since 1999. Welcome to Tileyard North!

Forged Spirits will have a full service bar facing onto the courtyard that you can see in the picture, we are in the bottom right corner just at the left side of the tower.

The distillery will be adjoined to the bar with a viewing portal through from the bar to the distillery.

This is an amazing opportunity that we have grabbed with both hands, and as we work toward our fit out of the bar and distillery the excitement is palpable.

Thanks go out to Nick Keynes, one of the founders of Tileyard who has embraced our vision of a bar and distillery at Tileyard and put up with more than a little hassle from us.

See what Tileyard is all about in this 60 second youtube video This is Tileyard London – YouTube